Clear-Com FSII-SPL FreeSpeak II Transceiver Splitter

The FSII-SPL is a splitter that connects multiple FSII transceiver antennas to an Eclipse HX matrix (via E-QUE-HX card) or a FreeSpeak II base station. The splitter provides up to 5 antenna feeds from one antenna port and has an SFP fiber slot for fiber connectivity.

  • Provides 5 FSII transceiver feeds on one port on FSII base station or E-QUE-HX card
  • SFP fiber slot for fiber link to FSII base station or as a fiber bridge between FSII-BASE-II stations and Eclipse HX frames
  • Supports both multi-mode and single-mode fiber
  • Configure settings using DIP switches
  • IP-63 water resistance for outdoor use
  • LED status indicator on front and back
  • Mic stand or wall mount orientation (metric and imperial threads)