Mipro ACT-7 Wireless Microphone System

  • Ultra-Wide 216 MHz bandwidth over three 72MHz wide bands. Up to 48 interference-free channel operation per band.
  • Up to 384 selectable frequencies in 15 preset groups per band. Select and save 16 user de- fined presets from up to 2,881 frequencies in User Definable Group 16.
  • Available in single, dual and quad versions.
  • EIA Standard 19” 1⁄2 and 1 RU metal housings improve heat dissipation and shielding from spurious interference.
  • PLL synthesized RF Technology with low spurious emissions and increased RF stability.
  • Third generation RF circuitry features improved anti-interference characteristics and increased interference-free channel operation.
  • The industry's only multi-functional full-color VFD (vacuum fluorescent display).
  • MIPRO's patented and now industry standard "AutoScan" and "ACT" (Automatic Channel Targeting) channel set-up technology.
  • Enhanced RF saturated dynamic range decreases interference and THD.
  • True Diversity receivers with “PiloTone & NoiseLock” circuits improve reception with less interference.
  • RF interference warning indicator.
  • All controls are intuitive and easily accessible, enabling quick and easy system set-up via a single rotary switch.
  • Switchable output levels.
  • MIPRO RCS27 software allows real-time computer set up, control and monitoring.
  • Reliable RF and transparent audio performance.
Frequency Bands
5UA (482-554 MHz)
5US (554-626 MHz)