Clear-Com TWC-701 2-Wire Cable Adapter

The TWC-701 from Clear-Com is a stand-alone adaptor that allows you to easily combine two standard Clear-Com intercom channels (on two separate cables) onto a single standard 3-pin microphone cable. This TW adaptor module achieves this by combining one channel of intercom audio with the 30 volts DC operating power. NOTE: Call signals are not converted or passed through this device.

  • 2-Channel Cable Adapter with 3-pin XLR Connectors
  • Connects TW beltpacks to two channels of a multi-channel intercom system
  • Combines Channels A and B from 2 cables to 1 cable
  • Drive up to 15 RS-703 series beltpacks
  • Includes reset switch and overload LED
  • Rear Panel Connectors: Intercom in (2) XLR3F, TW (1) XLR3M
  • Power Requirements: Input Voltage: 20-30 VDC