Absen M2.9 Mobile Indoor LED Panel

  • Improved speed on the build
  • More durable
  • Professionally designed latches makes it easier to link tiles together
  • Curvability
  • Allows for more creative designs
  • Allow you to make a box; no current LED products allow for that
  • Improved features for more creative walls / shapes
  • Broader range of cross-rentability
  • Reduction of batch issues
  • Sets up and tears down faster
  • Reduces fatigue because it has easy set up, improved latches
  • Lightweight tiles reduce installer fatigue
Made For Mobile
  • Ergonomic design: lift and install in one movement
  • 24% lighter than traditional panels
Perfect Picture
  • Flicker free broadcast ready high refresh rate
  • Sharp color & brightness uniformity
Superior Support Solutions
  • Drop, pop & lock curvable ground structure
  • Eyebolt and 2″ clamp hanging bars