Goldsource STU-500 Step Up and Down Power Voltage Transformer

  • CE Certified step-up and step-down AC voltage transformer converts from 110V up to 220V or from 200/220/240V down to 110V. (Please note a voltage converter does NOT change the frequency, in another word, what goes in is what comes out, either 50 Hz or 60Hz)
  • 500 watts Maximum Load Capacity (MLC), most suitable and cost-effective for devices such as game consoles, LCD TVs with screen size less than 55”, desktop computers, and devices with the Maximum Power Consumption (MPC) between 200 and 350 watts or 1/3-1/2 HP (Horsepower) for motorized devices
  • Simultaneous Triple Output: 5 VDC(USB), 110 VAC for devices that require 100-120V and 220 VAC for devices that require 200-240V
  • Four input voltages selectable: 110V/200V/220V/240V
  • All range fuse protection with two spare fuses and one plug adapter included