ETC Element 40 500-Channel Control Console

The ETC Element Control Consoles are based on the Eos Control System, but with a simplified feature set. Element Consoles are fully DMX512 stand-alone lighting control boards designed for modest (by industry standards) rigs, and maximum manual fading control. Element boards are best suited for venues such as schools and houses of worship with a single console operator. It works best with conventional fixtures such as spots, PARS, Fresnels and their accessories — scroller, gobo rotators, etc. It is also suitable for some LED fixtures and/or a small number of simple moving lights.

  • 1,024 outputs
  • 500 channels
  • 40 faders, pageable as channel or submaster control
  • Master playback pair with 60mm faders, Go, Stop/Back
  • Intensity, focus, color and beam palettes
  • Stepped, relative and absolute effects
  • Hue+Saturation color picker and gel picker for LED, CMY color mixing
  • ETCNet2, Net3/ACN, ArtNet and Avab UDP output protocols
  • Show import from Obsession, Express, Expression, Emphasis, Congo, Cobalt, Safari and Strand 500/300 series via ASCII
  • Distributed DMX, MIDI, SMPTE and contact closure via Net3 gateways