Shure AXT600 Axient Spectrum Manager

  • The Spectrum Manager captures scan data for the entire UHF frequency range available for wireless audio
  • The on-board frequency calculator can be adjusted to avoid specific TV channels, frequency ranges or RF signal above a specified threshold
  • Event Log records actions of the Spectrum Manager during operation and provides a snapshot of system performance.
  • Backup Frequency Monitoring
  • The data screen tracks the real-time status of in-use and backup frequencies
  • Scanner feature graphically plots the measured RF signal across the full frequency range
  • Use the Listen feature to tune to a frequency and monitor FM demodulated signal using headphones
  • Networking enables many of the advanced features of the Axient system, including monitoring and control of remote devices
  • RF Cascade Ports allow sharing of RF signal with up to 5 components without antenna splitters or distribution amplifiers