Mipro AD-707a Antenna Distribution System

  • Optimized for 470~850MHz carrier frequency range and compatible with US and EU telecom regulations.
  • A single AD-707a supports up to four UHF diversity receivers from just a pair of antennas, greatly reducing antenna installations clutter and increasing receiving range and efficiency.
  • Adopts the latest high dynamic range and low noise component, advanced circuit design featuring very low inter-modulation distortion and eliminates the spurious interference in multiple system usage. System output gain equals to approximately 1.
  • 2 sets of antenna input/output connectors and 2 sets of 4-channel antenna output connectors for directly connecting to 4 sets of diversity receivers. The antenna input connector can be fitted with whip antenna or coaxial antenna of appropriate frequency band. Besides, through optional booster, it also can be linked to ground plane antenna or UHF wideband log antenna.
  • The output connectors can be linked to the input connectors of another antenna divider for extended antenna distribution.
  • The input connectors provide DC bias for the antenna boosters or active directional antennas.
  • Booster power indicator to detect the linkage of booster.