Crown PZM30 D Half-Omnidirectional Boundary Microphone

  • The PZM30 D high-performance hemispherical boundary layer microphone is a Pressure Zone Microphone designed for professional recording, sound reinforcement and broadcasting. The capsule is mounted in the “pressure zone”, an area where direct sound and reflected sound are in phase, which provides a 6dB higher sensitivity. Two selectable frequency responses (flat/rising) provide greater flexibility in mic placement and sonic character. The rising position of the frequency switch adds brilliance and a crisp attack on percussion, drums, or piano. The PZM30 D comes in a very rugged, low-profile, metal housing with detachable cable that makes it sturdy and reliable for heavy duty applications.
    • Hemispherical polar pattern for intelligible pickup of sound from any direction
    • PZM (Pressure Zone Microphone) technology prevents sound coloration from surface reflections
    • Switchable dual-frequency response for greater flexibility in mic placement and sonic character
    • Rugged, low-profile housing withstands the rigors of the stage
    • Detachable cable easy to install and service