d&b audiotechnik Z5371 T Flying Bracket

The Z5371 T Flying bracket must only be used in conjunction with d&b T10 loudspeakers as described in these mounting instructions. Installation and setup should only be carried out by qualified and authorized personnel observing the valid national Rules for the Prevention of Accidents (RPA). It is the responsibility of the person installing the assembly to ensure that the suspension/fixing points are suitable for the intended use. The bracket allows T10 loudspeaker cabinets to be mounted and set to different horizontal or vertical angles. For this purpose two M8 threaded inserts at the d&b standard spacing of 115 mm (4.5″) together with a center M10 thread are integrated in the tie bar of the bracket to accept additional d&b rigging accessories. The bracket is designed to fit tightly round the loudspeaker to produce the minimum visual impact. The bracket can be mounted to bars and trusses with a tube diameter of up to 50 mm (2″) using the following d&b accessories:

  • Z5010, TV spigot with fixing plate
  • Z5029, TV spigot
  • Z5012, Pipe clamp for TV spigot
The bracket can be fitted to a loudspeaker stand using the Z5024 or Z5034 Loudspeaker stand adapters.