d&b audiotechnik Z5300 J Flying Frame

The J-Series loudspeakers are mechanically connected using a BGV C1 compliant three-point suspension system. This consists of the Z5300 J Flying frame from which the cabinets are suspended using rigging links and pins located on both sides of the front of the cabinets, and a central rear splay link. This J-Series rear splay link allows quick and easy selection of vertical angles between cabinets. These are all permanently attached to the cabinets. The Z5300 J Flying frame is supplied with two J Load adapters, a Z5303 J Safety chainset, a central rear splay link with a pair of Locking pins 11 mm and two sets of Front links, each with a pair of Locking pins 10 mm. The Z5300 J Flying frame is a welded steel frame designed to suspend a maximum of twenty-four J8/J12 cabinets, or fourteen J-SUB cabinets. The J Load adapters are locked into the J Flying frame’s central track using their fixed Locking pinsets 12 mm. The array can be suspended from the two J Load adapters either directly, or the Z5305 J Hoist connector chain may be inserted to allow space for a chain bag. The Z5303 Safety chainset should always be fitted to the J Flying frame using the integrated safety points and attached to an independent suspension point. The J Flying frame also has a mounting plate that accepts industry standard inclinometers such as those from the Rieker Instrument Company Inc. or the SSE ProSight Inclinometer System. The E7441 Touring case 1 x J Flying frame is designed to accommodate one Z5300 J Flying frame including the Z5303 J Safety chainset and the Z5305 J Hoist connector chain. It weighs 66 kg (145.5 lb) empty and 145 kg (320 lb) with the frame and chains. When positioned on end the case holds the frame in the exact vertical position for the J8 or J12 Front links when face down on their Wheelboards. This holds the J Flying frame in the perfect position for assembling and dismantling an array. It has four standard butterfly catches to secure the lid, four wheels, four handles, a wooden baseboard and a moulding with fixing points to secure the frame.